1988 – UAZ 469B

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4000 - 6000 EUR
1988 – UAZ 469B
1988 - UAZ 469B French circulation permit Chassis n° 180208 Engine n° 41466*60200453*86* - A little-known symbol of Russian automotive history - 7-seater leisure utility in civilian version - Satisfactory condition and recent expenses - French papers and complete equipment WITHOUT RESERVATION "Ulyanovsky Avtomobilny Zavod": behind this complex name lie three letters that are an integral part of Russian heritage. Founded in 1941, this Soviet automobile manufacturer based in Ulyanovsk (hence the name) specializes in off-road and utility vehicles. Launched in 1972, the UAZ 469, whose design is very close to the "original" Jeep, lasted almost a decade. This vehicle is relatively unknown in France, even though it remained in production until 2003, just like the no less famous Land Rover Defender, which also had a long life. In fact, it was on the latter's turf that this "Soviet jeep" arrived, offering exemplary cross-country performance at a lower price. Initially intended for the armed forces, civilian versions of the UAZ called "469B" appeared a few years later, notably to offer an off-road alternative to the Lada Niva which appeared in 1977. Technically, the UAZ 469 is designed to withstand the long Russian winters and carry or tow a number of passengers as well as heavy loads. Its simple, robust mechanics are designed to be easily repaired. The 2450cm3 in-line 4-cylinder petrol engine even accepts octane ratings down to 72! And its ability to cross country is unquestionable. As is its popularity in Russia. Beyond Russia's borders, a few UAZ 469s were sold new in Italy, and especially in Eastern Europe, under various licenses, but not in France. If you're still in any doubt about the UAZ's capabilities, it's worth noting that the 469 has featured in numerous James Bond films, from "Killing is not playing" to 2006's "Casino Royale". The example presented here was not used in a James Bond film, but represents a specimen in used condition. It's a civilian version, type 469B, with French registration and 7 seats, put into service in 1988. Of Polish origin, this UAZ belonged to a member of the previous owner's family, before being imported into France in 2018 to serve in Corsica for a few years. It comes in classic military khaki with matching rims, combined with a black canvas hood. Structurally sound, the bodywork presents a good overall appearance, but is not free from perforating corrosion in some places. The black imitation leather upholstery is very well preserved, and the soft top is in excellent, almost new condition. As a family car, it has clearly been the object of special care by its owners for a vehicle with a utility vocation. The 5-digit odometer, which has probably been run at least once, shows just over 5000 kms. In recent years, in addition to the soft top, the gearbox has been completely rebuilt, the wiring harness overhauled and the carburetor and fuel pump replaced. The battery and tires are also new. The original equipment, including sand shovel and spare wheel, are present, as are the spare keys. A copy of the owner's manual is also included. This UAZ 469B is both a utility and leisure vehicle. It'll do you a lot of good, and make you feel like an adventurer, at a fraction of the cost of Willys, Jeeps and Land Rovers. So be smart and have fun with this offbeat alternative!
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