1982 – Toyota Land Cruiser BJ42

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1982 – Toyota Land Cruiser BJ42
1982 - Toyota Land Cruiser BJ42 French registration Chassis n°JT1VOBJ4200914849 - A 4X4 as iconic as it is indestructible! - The most representative Series 4 model, in its most popular version. - Excellent overall condition - Fully equipped with bull bar, winch, hitch and differential lock Initially designed for Japanese law enforcement and inspired by the Jeep, the Land Cruiser was born under the name "Toyota Jeep BJ" in 1951. But it was not until 1953 that the civilian version appeared, available in several body styles: 2 or 4-door, pick-up, soft top or hard top... In 1954, Toyota was forced to rename it after the American brand was banned from using its name. From then on, it was known as the Land Cruiser. Later, in 1955, it became the first Japanese passenger car to be exported and began an international career, being sold in more and more countries. At the same time, the range became even more diversified, with different wheelbases to suit different needs. In parallel with this evolution, the Land Cruiser also gained in comfort features with each new version, but without ever sacrificing the cross-country capabilities for which it is renowned, or its reliability. The Toyota Land Cruiser only arrived in France in 1974, with the fourth series dating from 1960, in short chassis with tarpaulin or hard-top, with a new 80 hp 3-liter four-cylinder diesel engine (type B). Other versions were marketed at a later date. The Land Cruiser was a great success from the mid-70s, when sales took off to exceed 100,000 units a year. From 1984, the Land Cruiser evolved into three series. The "Heavy Duty" series, with leaf spring suspension, could be fitted with large-displacement engines, while the "Light Duty" series (available in France) and the "Station Wagon" series, with helical suspension, could be fitted with smaller-displacement, 4-cylinder engines. This positioning has enabled the Land Cruiser to further broaden its customer base and endure through countless versions and evolutions. In fact, over 11 million Land Cruisers of all generations have been produced to date! Of all the iterations of this globally successful vehicle, the Series 4 is undoubtedly the most emblematic, with its strong identity and preceding the vast diversification of the range. We're offering a 4th series Toyota Land Cruiser, type BJ42, i.e. short wheelbase, powered by a 90 hp 3.4L in-line 4-cylinder diesel engine, in a tarpaulin version. This BJ42 was put on the road in France on March 1, 1982, and has had only 4 owners since. It has its 2-seater utility category registration papers, and is in generally good condition, both in terms of appearance and operation. With just under 143,500 km on the clock, this BJ has never been restored, although it was repainted a few years ago. The paintwork is homogeneous and has a good sheen, while the tarpaulin is older and bears a few tears in places. Inside, bucket seats and a bolted roll bar have been installed. Otherwise, the instrumentation is original and in good condition. Mechanically, this reliable machine runs well. There is just one exhaust leak. One of the two batteries is new. The headlights are also new. This BJ is also very well equipped, with its large bull bar, winch, additional long-range headlights, tow bar and differential lock, all of which have been fitted to further enhance its already acclaimed off-road capabilities. It also benefits from the improvements made to this series, with front disc brakes, the most powerful diesel engine and original power steering, making it more usable. So this is a Land Cruiser, type BJ, in its most desirable configuration (42), in usable condition, which will be the ideal ally, whether to help you with difficult transport tasks or to dabble off the beaten track.
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