1997 – BMW Z3 M Roadster French circulation... - Lot 83 - Collector Cars Auction

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36000 - 43000 EUR
1997 – BMW Z3 M Roadster French circulation... - Lot 83 - Collector Cars Auction
1997 – BMW Z3 M Roadster French circulation permit Chassis no. WBSCK91040LD20247 - The rarest and most extreme Z3 roadster - Superb configuration and appreciable options - Reasonable mileage, less than 110,000 kms - Serious maintenance over many years In the 1990s, BMW continued to expand its range of cars on offer to the public. The Z3 could only have been a kind of niche car, like the Z1. The latter, too exclusive in concept and design, failed to meet with the expected global success. BMW is not giving up, however. By using a 3 Series chassis and relocating production to the USA, design costs were contained and the asking price was attractive. The Z3 met with unprecedented success. An agreement was even signed with James Bond's producers for the famous secret agent to drive a Z3 in the new episode of his adventures, GoldenEye, released in 1995. As is customary at BMW, numerous engine variants were developed in the wake of this promising launch. Initially equipped with a modest 1.8-liter 4-cylinder, the Z3 was soon offered with 2-liter six-cylinders, rising to 2.8 liters in some versions. The Z3 made a major contribution to the democratization of the two-seater roadster craze in the 1990s, on which Audi TTs, Mercedes SLKs and, to a lesser extent, Porsche Boxsters would happily ride. Some manufacturers even turned their roadsters into genuine sports cars. That's when BMW decided to house the hot engine from the M3 under the long hood of the Z3. Until 2001, this was the latest-generation 321-hp M3 E36 block. It was then replaced by the M3 E46, but with a slightly reduced power output from 340 to 325 hp, to fit its shortened chassis, which is already enormous for a car of this size. It takes less than 6 seconds to reach 100 km/h! Everything about the Z3 is designed to please the eye and the driver. This is one of the reasons for the Z3's real success: not just in terms of sales figures, but also in the hearts of enthusiasts. As for the M version, it too leaves an indelible mark on the minds of those who have driven it, for it is one of the most emotionally charged BMWs ever to roll off the production line. What an opportunity, then, to present for sale our superb BMW Z3 M roadster! Delivered new in Bavaria, it was put on the road on May 10, 1997. It's powered by a 3.2-liter, 321 hp S50 engine, which is sure to please the most optimistic - if not the bravest - as its chassis is very playful, as our road test proved. In Cosmos metallic black, this Z3 has retained its original color and, thanks to a complete paint job carried out a few years ago and a recent ceramic treatment, is in excellent cosmetic condition. The upholstery, specific to this M version, is splendid, in two-tone black and red leather with a slight patina. It also comes with a host of options, the most notable of which are a 25% differential lock, heated seats, air conditioning, a battery cut-off switch and a cassette charger - so nineties. While part of its history remains unknown, the warranty certificate from the BAC Monaco dealership attests to its Monegasque past. In 2017, the car was sold by the latter to a buyer in Reims, after having undergone extensive maintenance, including replacement of the clutch and all consumables, seals, filters, hoses and stabilizer bar rods, as well as part of the electrical system. At the time, our Z3 had clocked up 98,500 kilometers. Its owner then proceeded to change the shock absorbers in 2019 and to replace the rear suspension crossmember, as well as the left rear suspension arm and the rim concerned following an impact. In 2020, before being sold to another owner, a general overhaul was carried out at 103,500 kilometers. In 2023, further work was carried out, including at the BMW 6ème Avenue dealership in Bourgoin Jallieu, on the running gear and ignition, with the installation of new coils and spark plugs, at a cost of almost €5,000. All the details of these costs are available to the future purchaser, and attest to the serious attention the car has received. This fine example of the Z3 M now has 109,300 kms on the clock, and is just waiting to let its six-cylinder engines roar, proving that BMW is still the world's best engine manufacturer.
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