1973 – Citroën DS 23 Pallas

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1973 – Citroën DS 23 Pallas
1973 - Citroën DS 23 Pallas French registration Chassis n°00FE4929 Bodywork n°0031-043431 Engine n°DX4-0672005721 - Flagship of the French automotive industry - Mechanical gearbox and Pallas finish - Very good overall condition with beautiful interior patina - Followed by DS specialist, invoice file Like the Concorde, the Citroën DS is a symbol of French industrial genius and a veritable automotive myth, with the onerous task of succeeding the Traction Avant. Introduced in 1955, it was strikingly modern on every level. On the one hand, its lines, created by Italian designer and sculptor Flaminio Bertoni in collaboration with engineers from the aeronautics and hydraulics industries, were completely unprecedented. What's more, both its design and its technology are revolutionary. The DS featured a number of innovations that set it apart from the rest of car production at the time, at least in Europe. In addition to its legendary hydropneumatic suspension, which remains unique to the brand almost to the present day, it offered totally new equipment: power steering, front disc brakes and a semi-automatic, hydraulically-controlled gearbox, to name but a few. Other innovations, such as swivelling headlamps in 1967 and electronic fuel injection in 1969, would follow in the wake of its evolution. Over the course of its twenty-year career, the DS came in many different body styles, from the iconic sedan to the elegant convertible and the utilitarian station wagon, not forgetting the famous "Pallas" finish from 1965 onwards. The same year saw the launch of the DS 21, with a larger displacement and 100 hp. In 1969, the DS 19, until then the entry-level model, was replaced by the DS 20, powered by a 103 hp, 1985 cm3 4-cylinder engine, with manual (for only two vintages) or hydraulic transmission. In 1973, Citroën introduced the DS 23, available with carburetor or fuel injection. The latter is considered the most exclusive. An all-rounder, the DS even shone in competition, winning the Monte Carlo Rally in 1958. Unquestionably a car of the twentieth century, the DS left its mark on its time, as much for its beauty as for its technological advance, so much so that today it is one of the most collectible cars in the world. Our DS is a 23 carburetor variant (DX4 engine) with 5-speed manual gearbox and Pallas finish, launched on January 10, 1973. Relatively uncommon, it's an interesting all-rounder, featuring the more torquey 115 hp DIN (124 hp SAE) 2.3L engine with twin-barrel carburetor and mechanical gearbox, both of which are more reliable and easier to maintain, as well as the luxurious Pallas finish so characteristic of the DS. This DS 23 "M", with its metallic grey bodywork, chrome parts and black vinyl roof, reflects the codes of luxury of the period. The interior, upholstered in tobacco-colored leather and carpets, boasts a beautiful patina, lending a certain soul to the car. All the equipment specific to its finish, from the flanged hubcaps and mouldings to the more elaborate locks, the single-spoke steering wheel, the Jaeger instrumentation, the hand-hold straps, the thicker sun visors, the "sport" accelerator pedal, the leather door uppers and all the chrome, are well presented. Mechanically, this DS, whose engine compartment is in original condition, performs more than satisfactorily. The gearbox is smooth and the hydropneumatic suspension system is supple, revealing that it has been well maintained in recent years. The available file of invoices traces the main work carried out over the last ten years, including the maintenance carried out by specialist Garage Retro Chevron since 2020, when the DS was acquired by its current collector. According to the Histovec report attached to the dossier, the car, which has 65400 kms on the clock, has only had 4 successive owners. This is a beautiful, homogeneous and coherent example of a DS, offering all the comfort you'd expect from a Pallas. To acquire a Citroën DS is to acquire a piece of our heritage. Presented in its
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