1987 – Mercedes-Benz 560 SL

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1987 – Mercedes-Benz 560 SL
1987 - Mercedes-Benz 560 SL French registration Chassis n°WDBBA48D6HA058316 - Iconic Mercedes with a noble engine - Interesting configuration with options - Canadian car with 167,500 kms on the odometer - Hard-top and user manuals Succeeding the SL "Pagoda" type W113, the SL convertible type R107 was unveiled in the spring of 1971. It marked a stylistic break with the previous generation, without losing the elegant hard-top so characteristic of the Star brand's cabriolet. It's also no longer quite in the spirit of Sport Leicht for "light sports car", for which SL is the abbreviation, since it's more the Grand Touring philosophy that prevails on this generation. Its excellent build quality, comfort and luxury explain its success, particularly in the USA, where it was a true symbol of success and had a major film and TV career. From the outset, the SL R107 cabriolet was powered by large V8 engines, 3.5L in Europe and 4.5L on the other side of the Atlantic, whose displacement continued to increase, but which evolved towards greater sobriety, while at the same time six-cylinder variants appeared for Europe. As demand for the SL R107 continued to grow, it was constantly upgraded and improved. In 1986, Mercedes finally delivers its last R107-type SL evolution for its chosen market: the 560 SL, reserved for the American market. In line with the expectations of North American customers, this SL is equipped with an automatic gearbox. It comes with a high level of standard equipment, including leather upholstery, an alarm system, airbags, air conditioning and ABS. The car also features a new rear suspension and a limited-slip differential to better manage the high torque. After just under 50,000 units produced, this final version of the SL R107 bowed out in 1989. The SL R107 cabriolet thus enjoyed an exceptionally long career, being produced for no less than 18 years - an eternity for a Mercedes! The Mercedes SL type R107 cabriolet on offer is a 560 version, equipped with a torquey 5.6L V8 producing 227 hp. It was launched in 1987. Of Canadian origin, this SL comes in Arctic White (147U) with Royal Blue (272) leather interior and matching carpets and soft-top fabric. This elegant presentation is complemented by body-colored light-alloy wheels for an even more polished look. Options include automatic air-conditioning, heated seats, electric and heated mirrors, and a hard-top with heated rear window, for optimum comfort in all seasons. This 560 SL cabriolet was imported to France, following its acquisition from a Canadian professional, by its current owner in 2018. On arrival in France, the car was serviced and the catalytic converter replaced with a new one. Its owner has since covered several thousand kilometers on board, and this 560 SL now boasts just over 167,500 kms on the odometer. A file of invoices records the main maintenance operations carried out in recent years. The car is in satisfactory overall condition, although there is still room for improvement, particularly in terms of cosmetic care. As a version intended for the American market, where it is compulsory equipment, this 560 SL has the 3rd brake light on the rear trunk and energy-absorbing bumpers, which complete the safety package that includes ABS as standard on this model. A car renowned for its reliability and ease of use in all circumstances, this healthy example, with its hard-top, will enable you to take full advantage of the qualities promised by its badge. The Mercedes SL R107 is universally acclaimed for its driving pleasure, but in this 560 SL version, which is both affordable and particularly accomplished as the ultimate evolution of the model, as well as torquey and quiet, this is multiplied tenfold. So don't wait any longer to treat yourself to your share of the American and Mercedes dream with this car, as representative of one as it is of the other.
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