2006 – Superformance MKIII

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2006 – Superformance MKIII
The only Cobra replica built under license from Carroll Shelby Licensing Incorporation Belgian registration Chassis n°4F08C272551 - The best evocation of the legendary AC Cobra - Uncommon on European roads - All-fiberglass bodywork - 5.7L Ford V8 engine, approximately 420 hp - Low mileage and near-new condition - Incomparable driving experience If ever a car made superfluity its sworn enemy, it's the Shelby Cobra. To introduce it would be almost as incongruous, given its impact on the collective imagination. Its designer, Caroll Shelby, drew on his racing experience in Europe, where he won the 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans in an Aston Martin. British roadsters were tough on the racetrack at the time, and his idea was to marry the chassis of British manufacturer AC with the formidable American V8 engines from Ford. That's all it took to invent the AC Cobra concept, also known as the Shelby Cobra. A simple recipe, but a genius idea. Several versions were developed, culminating in the legendary 427 "S/C" or "Semi-Competition", which for decades topped the list of the world's fastest cars. Today, most of these extremely rare examples are known and referenced, as is customary for exceptional pieces. But there's another, more comical reason why the Shelby Cobra made such an impact. It's the most copied car in history, because it was so coveted that not all enthusiasts were able to afford one. As the value of the genuine Cobra has never ceased to soar, a myriad of builders have contributed their share, from the most insipid copy to the most faithful, and sometimes even identical to the original. This is the challenge set by California-based Superformance. The quality of their replicas is such that they are built with the approval of Caroll Shelby Licensing Incorporation, making the Superformance MkIII - at least on paper - an authentic Shelby Cobra. The engines are supplied by the dealers, and Superformance manages the assembly and delivery of the car. The design is entirely in keeping with the American spirit, and its success continues to grow in the USA. Although the Shelby Cobra is now only available at a price in the millions, it is now possible to enjoy its curves and its demonic engine. Superformance MKIIIs are rare on European roads. But that's the case with the one we're offering for sale. Originally from California, it was launched in 2006 and arrived on our continent in 2018, where it is registered in Belgium. Its sober charcoal gray color is married to a black leather interior with a superb patina. It should be noted that the car suffered a superficial impact at the rear, but this in no way altered its structure, and was repaired according to the rules of the trade. The car is in near-new condition, with just over 18,300 miles on the clock. The exceptional build quality of this Cobra is evident in the multitude of finishing details, such as the upholstery, safety harnesses, Smith meters, obus mirrors, superbly sculpted hips, oversized Halibrand wheels, chrome screws, roll cage or the superb AC embossed aluminum crankset... Among the long list of details that arouse the enthusiast's envy, the most compelling is the beauty of its fine wood and brushed aluminum steering wheel, which instantly transports the wearer to the heart of the 60s. It's powered by Ford's unmistakable 5.7-liter small-block V8, developing some 420 hp, and mated to a Tremec 5-speed gearbox. The centerpiece of this all-fiberglass car, the engine is a veritable objet d'orfèvrerie, with its Cobra-badged cylinder head covers in striated and polished aluminum, its polished aluminum intake manifold and all the aviation-style hoses. The side-mounted exhausts distill an absolutely Dantesque sound that will leave no one unmoved, least of all the driver. Recent and in excellent condition, this faithful evocation of the AC Cobra will delight thrill-seekers looking for a collector's car without the hassle of age, for maximum pleasure. The Superformance MKIII is considered by all specialists to be the most faithful experience of the Sh
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