1982 – Maserati Quattroporte III 4.9L

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1982 – Maserati Quattroporte III 4.9L
1982 - Maserati Quattroporte III 4.9L French registration Chassis n°ZAM330000CA003808 - Luxurious sedan designed by Giugiaro with V8 engine inherited from racing - Most powerful 4.9L version and rare example with manual gearbox - Only two owners since 1991 and 31,500 kms on the clock! - Carefully maintained in exceptional original condition When we think of a luxurious limousine, most of us visualize Rolls-Royce, Bentley; or Jaguar, BMW or Mercedes. Fewer imagine themselves behind the wheel of a Maserati. Yet the Quattroporte, first produced in 1963, is an institution, a true Italian dynasty. Each Quattroporte has marked its era, whether dressed in Frua for the first, or Bertone for the second, although only 13 were ever produced. The Maserati Quattroporte is quite simply the most luxurious and dynamic Italian limousine of its time. Despite an erratic gestation by Citroën in the '70s - which had the merit of saving the Modena-based brand from bankruptcy - after the takeover by Alejandro De Tomaso, a third iteration was produced in 1979. At the time, it was the most expensive model in the catalog, and following the V6 of the second generation, it relaunched the brand in the sports limousine segment, with the return of the V8, with a displacement of 4.2L or 4.9L. Designed by master craftsman Giugiaro, the Quattroporte III features the famous "Alfieri" V8 with 4 overhead camshafts and 280 hp, whose origins date back to the 450S racing cars. The chassis, identical to that of the De Tomaso Deauville, is a model of rigidity and was designed by Dallara. The result is a sedan almost 5 meters long, of madly baroque beauty and entirely hand-assembled. The third-generation Quattroporte also boasts equipment uncommon at the time, such as central locking, electric seats and air-conditioning, housed in ubiquitous leather and wood trim. The finish is particularly meticulous. After a final showdown with the Royale version, a total of 2141 Quattroporte IIIs rolled off the production line, making it a rare bird. It is the last Maserati to be equipped with one of the most prestigious Italian engines of the post-war era, before twin-turbo V6 engines established their hegemony. Our Quattroporte III is the most exclusive, a powerful 4.9L and a very rare version equipped with the ZF five-speed manual gearbox. According to our information, only 150 examples have been fitted with this transmission. The car is finished in metallic brown with a dark-brown leather interior, in keeping with the press model of the time. Its state of preservation is quite simply exceptional, and its odometer shows only 31,500 kilometers, certainly original. Importantly for one of these beautiful cars, the bodywork is very sound. The mechanics, meanwhile, have clearly undergone regular maintenance, notably at the renowned Giuseppe Candini in Modena, and all the car's instruments were working at the time of our test drive. The interior, too, has been miraculously preserved, with a particularly flattering patina - in fact, it's this car's finest feature. What's more, it has had only two French owners since 1991, which guarantees a very stable history, always a guarantee of quality. It's worth remembering that this series of Quattroporte has been largely neglected for many years, and many have suffered the afflictions of owners with little respect for their prestigious lineage. Finding one in such pristine condition is no mean feat. All the more so as our model will allow you to enjoy a sublime engine with a manual gearbox as rare as it is pleasing, in a warm atmosphere symbolizing Italian luxury.
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